Get Kids’ Spaces in Order

Our team at India Point Junk Removal knows that no matter how the rest of the house looks, keeping the kids ‘ rooms in order can be a challenge. Kids want to have their toys out where they can see them and play with them, but it ends up looking like a disaster zone to the parents. It doesn’t have to be this way, and kids can learn to keep it organized, but it may take a little work to get there. Use the following tips to help get the kids’ spaces in order.

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Bedroom Versus Playroom

If there is a playroom, consider what goes in the bedroom versus what goes in the playroom. When these are separate areas, it may be better to have all of the toys in the playroom and to keep the bedroom for quiet reading or sleeping. If everything is in one room, there should be zones for sleeping, reading , and playing. Having different rooms or zones can help kids visualize where things should go when they ‘ re put away.

Sentimental Items

It can be difficult to deal with the items kids deem sentimental. They might have a blanket or stuffed animal that goes everywhere, collections of toys they don’t play with but can’t get rid of, or other items that just need to be there. A shelf for displaying these items can help keep them off the floor and out of the way, but be sure to secure the shelf to the wall to prevent accidents.

Fewer Toys on Display

Low shelves are easy for kids to reach and perfect for toys, but there doesn’t need to be so many toys all over. When there are tons of different toys, kids can get overwhelmed and just not play because they can’t decide which toy to play with right now. Instead, remove most of the toys. Leave the ones that are played with a lot right now.

It’s not necessary to throw away the toys, but at least get them out of sight. Storing them in a closet in the room means they’re out of the way. After a month or two, put away the toys in the room and get out some of the ones that have been stored. The kids will have a renewed interest in them because they haven’t seen those toys in a while.

Getting Help From Kids

It is important to get help from the kids when it’s time to get everything in order. Of course, they may not want to get rid of anything. Remind them that broken toys can’t be played with, so it’s time to get rid of them. Baby toys aren’t needed anymore, so keeping one or two that are sentimental is fine, but the rest should go to make room for new toys.

How to Get Rid of Older Toys

There will end up being a pile of toys and other things to get rid of, and these don’t need to just go in the trash. Whether it’s furniture and toys or just a pile of toys, a junk removal company can pick up all of it and donate, recycle or toss it all. They’ll make sure it goes to the right destination , and you won’t have to worry about sorting any of it.

Getting the kids ‘ rooms in order can be a challenge, but it’s possible to create a space they’ll love with the toys they enjoy. Use the tips here to make the entire process easier and to get them involved, so they truly enjoy the space and know how to keep it clean in the future. They may still need reminders to clean up, but it will be easier for them, and the space will look great.

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