Whole-Home Cleanout : Tips to Make it Easier

Cleaning out a whole home can seem like a huge task, and it certainly can be. When a family member moves into assisted living or passes away, someone will need to go through their belongings and clear out the house to get it ready to sell. After a lifetime of living there, it’s likely there are a lot of things to go through, but taking the right steps will make the whole job easier.

Junk removal in Providence, RI.

One Room at a Time

It’s much easier to handle the job by going through one room at a time. Doing this breaks it all down into much smaller tasks, making it a little less overwhelming. If there are a lot of things in each room, it may be necessary to break it down into smaller sections and tackle just one at a time.

Pull Everything Out and Spread Out

For each room or section, pull everything out and spread it out to see what’s there. Take everything out of the closet and, if needed, go through the clothes to see if any should be kept. If no one in the family needs the clothes, they can all be removed from the home. Spreading out and doing a section at a time makes it easier to see what should be kept and what isn’t needed anymore.

Keep or Remove: The Two Piles

Create two piles, one for things to keep and one for things to remove from the home. For things that will be removed, d on’t worry about their condition, whether they can be donated somewhere, or whether things can be recycled. Just focus on what’s going to be kept and move everything else out of the way. The goal is to minimize what’s in the house, not to spend a lot of time sorting.

How to Deal With Things to Remove

Once there is a pile of things to go, call a junk removal company in Providence. They’ll handle sorting everything into donations, recycling, or waste, and they’ll remove it all from the property. They can handle just about anything that needs to be removed from the home, including furniture. Working with the Providence junk removal company means not having to worry about things that won’t be kept and clearing out the house, so it’s easier to go through what’s left.

Going Through What Will be Kept

When the only things that are left are those that will be kept, it’s time to go through and figure out where these things will go. If the family member has passed, relatives may want to keep sentimental or important items. Fewer items are left in the home, so it can be easier to have everyone see what they want to keep to remember their loved one or what they may be able to use in their own home.

Storing Items Until Needed

Sometimes, items may need to be stored for a while before they can be split between the family members or while the loved on e is in assisted living until they can be in their own place or move in with a family member. Make sure anything that will be kept is stored properly so it won’t be damaged. Clearly label all boxes and consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit to keep it all together.

It can be difficult to clean out a whole home, especially with all of the memories made in the house. When a loved one can no longer live on their own or passes away, however, a whole-home cleanout becomes necessary. Use the tips here to make the whole job a lot easier and to get it done faster.

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