Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Spring cleaning is supposed to refresh the home and get it ready for the coming year, but it’s often far more stressful than it needs to be for many people. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be done any particular way – the goal is just to organize and clean, getting the home back into shape. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or even if it’s done during the spring. When it’s time to spring clean, the following can help.

Get it Put Away First

Removing clutter makes a huge difference in how the home looks. Instead of flat surfaces throughout the home being covered in random items, clear them off. This removes a lot of the visual clutter in the home and can have an i mmediate impact on how the home looks as a whole. Once the visual clutter is gone, a lot of the stress of having to clean everything can disappear. Plus, if everything is put away, it’s not going to be in the way when you’re ready to clean.

Clear Out Unneeded Items

Don’t just stuff items anywhere to get them out of view. Look at what’s left out and make sure it’s put away. If it turns out there are too many of certain items, remove what’s not needed anymore. Put anything that’s unnecessary , or that won’t be used again in a box and put that somewhere it can be out of the way, yet added to as needed. Once all of the unneeded items are removed, there’s more room for what is needed so everything can be put away.

Call for Help Removing Items

A little secret that many people don’t think about is that there is help available for removing unneeded items. When that box is full, or when multiple boxes have been filled, call a junk removal company. They’ll come and pick up everything that needs to go, from smaller items to large furniture. This gets it out of the house fast. Plus, there’s no need to waste time sorting things to toss or donate – the company will tackle it. This can be a huge timesaver when spring cleaning the whole house.

Deep Clean A Room at a Time

Now that there’s less to worry about, it’s time to deep clean. Start at the top, dusting window shades and ceiling fans, and then work down. Save the vacuuming and mopping for the last step. Don’t forget to wipe down high-touch areas on the walls, like light switches, as they might not really be noticed often, but cleaning them can make the room look better. While cleaning, put away anything that isn’t already in its place.

Tackle Minor Repairs

There may be minor repairs needed around the home. If a little paint is chipped, now’s a good time to tackle the touch-ups and have the walls looking new again. If the step has been squeaking for way too long, it’s time to see what can be done. A lot of the smaller projects can be done quickly and easily, and the house will look better and be more comfortable once they’re done.

Spring cleaning takes some work, but when it’s done in the right order, the end result is a beautiful home you’re happy to live in once again. Follow the tips and tricks here to get it done right, to make the whole job easier, and get it done without all of the stress. Whether you’re planning on spring cleaning during spring break or getting ready for the gorgeous spring weather, tackling it and getting it done will let you enjoy the house and the weather without worry.

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