Downsizing the Home : Where to Start

Our junk removal team in Providence know that downsizing may be done to move into an apartment until a custom home is built, to move into a smaller home once the kids have grown and moved out, or just to save some money on the cost of owning a home. No matter what the reason is, it’s going to be necessary to pare down on everything in the house to avoid running out of space in the new home.

Junk removal in Providence.

Kitchen Supplies

If the kitchen is going to be a lot smaller, it’s going to be necessary to think about what’s needed and used. Only keep the essentials to make it easy to keep the kitchen organized and find everything when it’s needed. Kitchen gadgets, ice cream or bread machines, and other items that aren’t used often can go, while essentials like pots and pans will be needed in the new place.


Most people have clothing they don’t really wear anymore. Now’s the time to go through and get rid of anything that won’t be worn again. If something needs to be repaired, but it hasn’t been done yet, what’s the chance it’s going to get done? If something hasn’t been worn in years, will it really be worn anytime soon? These items can all go, saving room in the new place for the clothes that will be worn and enjoyed.

Bathroom Essentials

With smaller bathrooms, less storage space is available. Toss anything that hasn’t been used in at least a few months, as it may no longer be safe to use. With what’s remaining, consider whether it will be used or needed at the new home. This is a good time to cut down on the amount of makeup in the vanity, the bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and a lot more.

Kid’s Toys

As kids grow, they outgrow their toys. If there aren’t any plans to have more kids, most (if not all) of the baby toys can be tossed. Only keep what the kids like and enjoy playing with – if they haven’t touched it in months, it may not really be needed. Involve the kids in this, and remind them they want to have room for the toys they enjoy and new ones they’ll get in the future, too.

Office Supplies

If there is a home office, remove any electronics, paperwork, and other items that aren’t needed anymore. Be careful to avoid tossing paperwork that may be needed for taxes or other official purposes. Pack everything carefully so that no space is wasted and there will be room for all of the essentials in the new home.


Hobbies can quickly take up a lot of space. Whether it’s stamp collecting, sewing, woodworking, fishing , or anything else, it’s important to remove anything that won’t really be needed , or that isn’t wanted anymore. If something has been sitting unfinished for a while, it’s time to finish it or let it go. Only move the essentials for the hobby , so there is room for more in the future.

Seasonal Items

Do all of the seasonal items get used each year? Will there be room for them to be used in the new home? If there isn’t room for them to be displayed or stored, get rid of them. It’s always possible to buy new things that will be enjoyed in the future if there is more room for them.

Downsizing can seem like a lot of work, but it may end up being easier after going through and getting rid of anything that’s not needed anymore. After going through it all, call a junk removal company to have anything that’s not needed removed from the home. What’s left will be ready to move to the new home.

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