Declutter and Control the Space

Despite what online videos and photos will show, most homes have at least some clutter. It can be difficult to keep everything controlled and put away, especially with multiple family members all living in the same space. If it’s been a while since the clutter was under control, now’s the time to start taking a few steps to get the house back in order.

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What it Means to Declutter

Decluttering means simply getting rid of the things that aren’t needed and finding homes for everything that must stay. Everything inside the house should have a home – somewhere it goes when it’s not being used anymore. This seems simple enough but in practice, how many things are actually put away immediately when someone is done using them? Especially with kids in the home, keeping the house free of clutter can be a work in progress (and that’s okay).

No Thinking About Where it Goes

One thing many blogs about decluttering get wrong is thinking about whether something can be donated, sold, or recycled, or whether the item should be tossed. The only thing to think about is whether it should stay or go. There’s no need to waste time wondering if someone else can use something – just get it out of the house if it isn’t needed anymore. Calling a junk removal company makes this easy as they’ll do the sorting for you, so things can still be donated or recycled, but you don’t have to think about it or do any sorting.

Clearing Off Flat Surfaces

Start by clearing off the flat surfaces in the home. The table by the front door that has a month’s worth of mail on it? Remove it all. Put what needs to be kept away, and clear off everything else. Start a pile of things that need to go and put the junk mail and other items off the table there , so they’re ready for a junk removal company to pick up. Once everything is off the surface, wipe it down and avoid placing anything on it, even temporarily, while sorting through the house.

Going Through the Closets

Closets are like flat surfaces in the home – they attract clutter. It may look organized if everything is in boxes, but there’s a lot in there that probably isn’t needed anymore. Go through and pull out anything that can go. If it’s not sentimental and hasn’t been used or worn in at least a year, it’s ready to go. Only put back the clothes that will actually be worn or the boxes full of things that will be needed.

Clearing Out Storage Spaces

Storage spaces tend to get full over time, but a lot of the stuff in there may not be needed anymore. If the kids are now grown and haven’t played soccer in a decade, why are there still balls, cleats, and other gear in the garage? Those can go. Get rid of holiday décor that’s too hard to put up or that won’t be used in the future, any items the kids no longer need, and anything else in there that won’t be used, like the tent that hasn’t been put up in years.

After going through the high-clutter spaces, it’s time to start organizing. It will take time to go through everything and get it all put away, but the end result will be a lot less clutter and a home that’s organized and clean. Though it may sound like a lot of work to get all of this done, it doesn’t all need to be done in a day. With steady work, however, you can get it all done and have a home you love again.

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